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Headaches, sciatic discomfort, pain in the back, hip and shoulder areas are all common reasons patients seek care in our office.

common aches and pains

To help minimize the reoccurrence of symptoms and to improve overall health, patients often time seek routine chiropractic care. As a result of routine care, patients see benefits such as improved mobility and flexibility, as well as more energy.

routine care

Expecting a new bundle of joy? Not only does chiropractic care alleviate new pains and discomforts as the body changes during pregnancy, but it also helps prepare your body for labor and delivery. 


Chiropractic care isn't only for adults. Infants and children also receive many benefits from routine care. Benefits include reduced behavior, better nights sleep, and a stronger immune system.


Accidents happen. Our chiropractic team is here to evaluate you after the accident and to stay on top of any developing issues. It's important to get ahead of your injury whether you realize it is there, or not.

auto injury

Having a balanced foundation helps bring health and healing to the whole body. The Connection Chiropractic is a licensed Foot Leveler provider that can provide you with custom orthotics to help stabilize your musculoskeletal and eliminate pain. Custom Orthotics begin at $349

custom orthotics


God gifted our bodies with innate intelligence. That means our brain sends messages through our nerves to our heart, glands, muscles, and every other part of our body. As chiropractors, we look for subluxations, which are misalignments in your spine that interferes with the body and brain's ability to communicate with each other. The result of subluxation is disease and dysfunction. We will carefully evaluate you for any signs of subluxation, then treat them with our many techniques.


White Pebble Spa Co.  features a highly trained group of massage therapists who are dedicated to helping clients improve their health and achieve a balanced lifestyle. We offer high quality massages, flexible scheduling, and are committed to providing quality care the minute you walk through the door.  Choose from a variety of signature massages that are customized based on your individual needs. 


An infrared sauna is a type of sauna that uses light to make heat, and is proven to provide your body with a variety of benefits. Benefits that are most commonly associated with infrared saunas include pain relief, better sleep, boosted immune system, and stress reduction.  Our sauna seats up to four people. Book a session for yourself, or enjoy the sauna with the company of your choosing. Come enjoy a 30 minute session that will leave you feeling rejuvenated! Complimentary shower is included.

Infrared Sauna: $30/session


Patients at The Connection Chiropractic use our foot bath detoxification for many different reasons. Some use the foot bath to improve blood circulation throughout their body, while others use it to improve allergy and asthma symptoms. When using our foot bath, you will sit in a comfortable area with your feet placed in water. Varying frequencies are sent through the water to stimulate the release of toxins. Sessions last approximately 30 minutes. 

Detox Foot Bath: $30/session


Often times referred to as AK, Applied Kinesiology is an alternative medicine technique that uses muscle testing to find muscle weaknesses connected to illnesses and determine a proper treatment.  Patients currently use AK treatments to further benefit their chiropractic adjustments, identify food sensitivities, and acknowledge nutritional deficiencies within the body. Following the results of the muscle testing, our trained staff will provide a recommendation of supplements that will best support you based off of your needs.

Applied Kinesiology Services: $50

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